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Microsoft Teams SPFx Personal App configuration

Microsoft SharePoint Framework (SPFx) supports, since version 1.10.0, the ability to create Personal Apps for Microsoft Teams. A Personal App in Microsoft Teams is an App that a user can install and can be accessed through the left rail in... Continue Reading →

Creating a Microsoft Teams app: how easy is it?

In a comment on LinkedIn about my blog post about Microsoft Teams app setup policies, my old colleague Renso Jacobs asked me if I could write a blog post about how easy it is to create a Microsoft Teams App.... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams app setup policies

Have you ever wanted to changed the apps shown in the left rail in the Microsoft Teams client? Or change the order how they appear? Read on! I have noticed recently that not many people know that you can change... Continue Reading →

Top 5 things to know about private channels in Microsoft Teams

At Ignite (November 4th till 8th 2019) Microsoft announced the general availability of private channels within Microsoft Teams. This is the top requested feature in the Teams User Voice for a long time. What is a private channel? Private Channels... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams usage and insights

In one of my previous blog posts I questioned if you have enabled self service Teams creation for everyone or not. I also talked about what can happen if you do this (create a chaos in your tenant), but also... Continue Reading →

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