Microsoft To-Do is a simple and intelligent to-do list app that empowers users to keep track of and focus on the things they need to get done. With apps for Android, iOS, Windows Universal, and the Web, Microsoft To-Do is also on every device you are— syncing automatically and securely via the Outlook Tasks API—meaning your data lives in Exchange and automatically integrates with Outlook Tasks.

The Microsoft To-Do Preview is almost over. Beginning October 19th 2017 your eligible Office 365 subscription(s) will include licenses for Microsoft To-Do, which you can assign to users in your organization. In no less than 30 days, Microsoft To-Do will be on-by-default for users in your organization.


Ok this sounds all great—a new tool available and ready to use by my organization. People can keep track of their day to day tasks—personal, work and any other—all automatically synced and integrated with your Outlook Tasks. But is your organization ready for another new tool?

It is very important to know your users and determine if Microsoft To-Do should be enabled by default or not. Maybe it is a good choice to first enable it for a small group of users and let them become familiar with the tool and let them be the ambassadors within your organisation.

I need more time

As with a lot of services within Office 365—services settings can be controlled within the Services and Add-Ins section of your Office 365 Admin center. For Microsoft To-Do there is a tenant wide access toggle within this section. Similar to other Office 365 services in the portal, the To-Do toggle does not affect visibility of the ‘tile’ in the Office 365 App launcher. It will only disable loggin in to the To-Do service. Access to and visibility of the service is controlled by user licences. So if you need more time do one of the following:

  • No access at all—Switch the Microsoft To-Do toggle off in Office 365 Admin center and remove the To-Do licence for each user
  • Access to a small number of users—Switch the Microsoft To-Do toggle on in Office 365 Admin center, remove Microsoft To-Do licence for each user and enable it for the users who need access

I am ready to go

If you are ready to start using Microsoft To-Do—no further action is needed and the service will become available soon. It is a good choice to inform your organisation about the new service. More information can be found at or watch the below video.